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Understanding simply means; sympathetically aware of other people's feeling; tolerant and forgiving. there cant be a great, peaceful and worthy of each other's feeling or tolerance for each other. Knowing fully well that background, likes and dislikes differ likewise personality which makes an individual behave the way they do. Personality includes: Social (they give attention to people and need love and attention from other e.g counsellors, teacher, shepherds proprietresses etc).  Conventional (they admire those with power and status, then try to identify with them e.g policemen, soidier, clerks, secretaries, administratve staff in thee civil service).  Enterprising (they are ambitious, sociable, optimistic, domineering and power and high status e.g economist, insurance agent, banker, politician, sport promoter, ceremony  masters and mistresses).  Investigation (they prefer to think than to act, organise and understand situations rather than to persuade and dominate others e.g Chemists, Court Judges, Aeronautical design engineers, reporters, professors etc). Realistic (They are physically strong, unsociable, aggressive, lacks verbal and interpersonal skills, do less of talk but more of work e.g motor mechanics, driver, electrician, surveyor, machine operator etc).  Artistic (Enjoys interpersonal interractions e.g authors, poets, hairdressers, fashion designers, mursicians etc).                       Rome was not built in a day, you can't in one day change your spouse. Having noticed the embedded characters; change is the only constant thing and it's a gradual step, only find a place in your heart to forgive so as not to hurt yourself.   Abigail forgive her husband despite his excruciating attitude (Isam 25: 18-37). adam tolerated his wife Eve, knew her and she gave birth, even when she was the cause of the curse laid on him by God (Gen 3:9-12, 4:1).      Keep learning about each other just as an early beginner mother learns to interprete every style of her baby"s cry.


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