Hidden secrets of nature and the world

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In this special entry, i will confer requisite knowledge about our world.............i will intimate you to harness this in a subserve convention.

1. We live in a world of minds, these minds are branded into; plain mind, philosophical mind, psychological mind.

2. We have no knowledge of the external world, but our basic/immediate knowledge is built on this minds.

3. We can only build our knowledge on the external world through the avenues of senses.

4. Our behaivour/character is never recoursed to our minds......but our learning.

5. The plain mind never recourse to the idea of things at sight.......but gets his inferences from its  apparent features

6. The plain mind believes in apparent philosophy, i.e easily seen or obivious

7. The psychological mind infers the external world as an outgrowth of sentiments, reactions, moods, and all sense impulses.

8. You cease to be in the criterion of the plain mind.....if you assent these.

9. The abstruse notions of the pyschological mind can only be pacified by resonating the prominence of the plain mind.

10. All these falls under the scrutiny of the philosophical mind!

Denoument; the world is apparently remoted by its inhibitors, you adjudicate to upgrade it or resonate it.

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