am leaving you to live for me

Tags: Poety Sadness
you cant give up something you want the most for something you want now.
Am leaving you..
Nothing serious cames out of this boo.

Understand when i say am leaving..
It doesn't mean the love we once shared wasn't real&true..
Let me exhale the same way i cried breathing..
Your lies i've carried and i tried living..
This relationship is in pool of disappointment,am in the middle drowning..

Can faith wash me thoroughly from my iniquity..
Am struggling to invite loyality..
Heavy load of promises holding me down..
Highty royal lies wearing you crown..

Let me leave u and live for me
There is no more I In WE..
Disappointments exited transgressions of our wishes.. 
Am leaving you,the sin confession of our wishes 

Might not be able to love some0ne way i did to you.but someday i will learn to love again.


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Chortionation Dil

Wooow dats al I cn say .


Sometimes it is better to stay silent than to tell what you really feel because thats the only way ...

Karl Lagerfield

that feefy wandy name fits here munchie u have scored 5/5 salute.
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